Mia's Unicorn Party



Mia’s 8th birthday was spent with her closest girlfriends at Colour My World in Aberdeen. It was a magical unicorn themed party through and through, with an art activity that had the girls create their own unicorn art. Mom Jo Soo-Tang wanted something simple - so we did unicorn cake pops instead of a cake! We also designed personalized water bottles and canvas backpacks, made complete with cute little thank you cards for Mia and her friends to take home. 


I love shooting petite parties. I get to focus on capturing each and every guest and all the interactions among friends. It’s so much easier to reflect the authenticity of the gathering because it is easier to pick up on the love and warmth in the room. 

custom prints


  • Styling, Graphic Design, Favors, and Photography by Nestology Studio

  • Cake Pops by Cuppacake

  • Activity and Venue at Colour My World

  • Catering by Le Bon Gout