Caragh's Old Shanghai Nights Party



We will never forget this party! I think in the short history of Nestology, this party has stood out in more ways than one. When Caragh approached me with her vision for her 40th birthday, I was just nodding my head yes and heartily said I would take it on. I loved the theme and I just loved her energy.

When she said the party will be at Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) over at Middle Island, our team thought, “It will be a challenge but should be doable.” Well, Mother Nature had other plans on the day of the event and decided she was NOT in the mood to party. The forecast didn’t prepare us for the weather that day. It was far worse than expected. Under pouring rain and blustering winds, we had to do 8 round trips of walking to the ferry pick-up point from the parking area just by the Deep Water Bay BBQ area, then on a sampan to the club, plus 4 flights of stairs up to the venue. But that wasn’t even the hardest part. The most challenging was transporting our balloons garlands. I know it sounds probably the easiest, but think about extremely huge garlands flailing wildly in the wind on a tiny boat. And then catching on the boat and getting all tangled up.

But despite all this, my team and I actually had a great time. You would think we would be in the most terrible mood that day. But, really, we embraced the challenges and made the best out of a dire situation. Plus three things really made it so much better. First, we had an amazing client who trusted and supported us to make tough decisions on the day. Caragh was also so great to plan with pre-party and I truly love her. Second, the RHKYC staff was just so accommodating and helpful that it made our tough jobs easier. And really, in Hong Kong, it’s so rare to find the same level of proactiveness and kindness, especially on a tough day, that we were fortunate enough to be on the receiving end. Third, I cannot speak highly enough of my team who was just amazing all throughout a difficult day. Always in high spirits and brandishing this can-do attitude that I myself fed on when I feel tired.

With the weather conditions and sudden venue change, we thought it went fairly well. We had to adjust our plans and really pushed ourselves to overcome uncontrollable factors. The most important things was Caragh and her guests still enjoyed the night and had an unforgettable party.

We sourced so many pretty Chinoiserie themed things for this party, from the folding panels as a backdrop to the pretty red and pink floral chinese vases. We mixed and matched these with what we had in our inventory, which every client has access to for their parties.

Our Floral Director and Senior Stylist, Kay, carefully planned and styled the florals that really elevated the theme across all the tables. We loved the mix of classic red roses, white orchids, and pink anthuriums to make the tables look vintage elegant.


They Stood in the Storm, and When the Wind Did Not Blow Their Way, They Adjusted Their Sails.

So many things went off script that day, but we just tried to go with the wind instead of against it and adjusted our plans.

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