Christian's Pokemon Picnic Party



Sharon is, hands down, one of the nicest, most down-to-earth clients we have ever had. If we could do parties for her every week, we would. That was how much we enjoyed working with her. Not only did she have a clear vision of what she wanted, she let us do our own interpretation of it and completely trusted us to work our magic. And we always do our best work whenever clients put their faith in us because we do not take that lightly. We always find ourselves going above and beyond to execute only the best.

Her son, Christian, loves Pokemon. But instead of the usual party fare, Sharon wanted to have a unique, more relaxed party where guests can just hang back and enjoy themselves. While watching her favorite cooking show, she got the inspiration of having a backyard picnic style party, complete with a home movie screening. When she shared this with us, we just jumped at the chance to bring this wonderful idea to life. With Hong Kong’s limited space and unpredictable summer weather, we decided to bring the outdoors in and do it in their building’s clubhouse.

All our parties start from doing an ocular or a venue visit because we never want a party to look like it has been plucked out of nowhere and stick out like a sore thumb. And as much as possible, we try to make use of what a space has. When we went to her function room, it was predominantly yellow. It had heavy warm tones (as you can see in the photos) that we wanted to balance it out with some muted blues, greens, and grays with a touch of black. We also wanted to make sure that when we turn off the lights during screen time, everything still looks really good. Actually, more than good, we wanted it to be inviting and cozy.

So the first thing we decided was to have a central picnic area that had a lot of cushions that guests can take home as favors (we always suggest giving away favors that people can really use and remember the party by). We layered the comfiest rugs and blankets that kids can snuggle up under. We peppered in some bean bags and poufs for a more dynamic look and kids can just lean back on them while watching. We put in our trusty little teepee to house our projector so it doesn’t look out of place. We had rattan benches and wooden crates, and even put in some potted plants for a more outdoorsy feel. We made sure snacks are within reach in this area as well. I mean, what is watching a movie without snacks?!

Next thing on our list was the dessert table. As mentioned, we always work with the venue, and this one had a beautiful round window that lets so much light in. So what better place than that to frame the dessert table? It also works perfectly with the theme because of the shape (pokeball, anyone?). And from there, we decided the cake should be a pokeball to complement the window. We put cute balloon garlands with tropical leaves to tone down the warm hues of the surrounding walls. Then for the table, we infused it with some boho x rustic elements to really elevate the Pokemon theme. We had large wooden lanterns filled with fairy lights, wrought iron cupcake stands, lush green plants in woven baskets, blue tribal designed candles and candle holders, these really cute pineapple accents, rattan trays, log platter, and black wooden crates. We also added a jute table cloth and hung a woven boho bunting in front.

As for desserts, we had these adorable Pokemon inspired mini cupcakes with just the ears as accents. We thought it really gave a modern twist to them! We also had special Pokemon cookies with Christian’s favorite characters and we muted down the colors a bit and added more blues to cool the palette. And lastly, we had Pikachu mini donuts that were just too cute to eat!

We also did some complimentary styled areas for the food, drinks, and favors (because we are extra like that, especially for clients we love). We used a lot of fairy and string lights, and added even more plants and succulents. We also placed a variety of pretty ceramics and custom designed signage to tie everything together.


Gotta catch ‘em all!

Pokemon Trainers work hard but still need some downtime for a little R&R. And what better way than a super cool boho infused picnic party with fellow trainer friends?


Bernardo the Magician entertained the kids (and the adults with witty jokes and banter) with a magic show and workshop. The workshop taught the kids easy magic tricks they can practice and each one took home a magic training kit. After that, the kids got their food and snacks and they enjoyed their lunch while watching a Pokemon movie in the cozy picnic area. Parents sat and chatted together at the back and we spied dads in particular enjoying the magic show and movie, too!

A lot of the parents actually approached us during the party and said they were absolutely in love with it and it was such a refreshing take on parties. That party truly capped off a busy month at high note.

custom prints


  • Styling, Graphic Design, and Photography by Nestology Studio

  • Desserts and Cake by Cuppacake

  • Cookies by The Little Whisk

  • Magic Show and Workshop: Bernardo the Magician