Baumhaus Sets Sail

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We had so many ideas for Baumhaus’ launch and anniversary. But when our team designs and styles for a project, we always want to make sure everything we do is intentional and thoughtful. We decided on the “Baumhaus Sets Sail” because first, we wanted to emphasize their growth and expansion. They are charting this wonderful new path for their Baumhaus community, offering new programs that cater to a wider range of ages. Second, it is the summer and we wanted to create a central image that they can use in a cohesive campaign. The visual of a paper sailboat made such a great anchor, conveying that children can explore the world without boundaries through creative means.

We lifted the graphic design visuals and tried to translate this into physical decor on the day of the event. We had so much fun crafting these little paper boats with buntings and even lifesaver candies. We asked Cuppacake to do some mini cupcakes perfectly iced according to the color palette. And we threw in some summery florals and ocean-themed accents that made everything look even more adorable.

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We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails to reach our destination.

Our Creative Director, Sam, and Floral Director / Senior Stylist, Kay, had a great time working with Crisel Consunji and Carsten Rakutt and all the Baumhaus staff, Chhin Lee of Little Monkey, Kristl Koo of Vox Verso, and Jenny Chow of Cuppacake.

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  • Styling and Graphic Design by Nestology Studio

  • Desserts by Cuppacake

  • Copy by Nestology Studio and Vox Verso

  • Event Marketing by Little Monkey

  • Venue at Baumhaus Hong Kong

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