Rachael’s My Little Pony Party


When we visited the Chairman's Room at the Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC), we knew we had to create a simple yet tasteful party for little Rachael. It was a bit of a challenge because:

  1. We weren't allowed to take any furniture out of the room. And there wasn't much space to add any.

  2. We needed to use preset tables and fixtures - some of which we didn't know the type and size until the day of the party.

  3. The room already had a pre-existing look and feel which we needed to work with and complement.

  4. It was a little cramped so we had to make sure all the party areas flowed well from one place to another.

But our team always loves a good challenge. We decided to go with lots of white with pops of rainbow colors accentuated with understated gold. Rachael loved two My Little Pony (MLP) characters, Applejack and Twilight, and the color blue so we tried to highlight these in the details as well


We placed a gift and wishes table outside so guests can leave their gifts and write down notes before they went inside the room. We had Twilight and clear confetti balloons flanking a really cute welcome signage by the entrance. We made a custom digital banner for the screen outside as well.

Sitting Room

As they enter, guests will notice Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Applejack cut outs on the walls with some pretty paper wheels hanging on top of them. We had a "Treats and Treasures" table where favors and juice boxes were laid out. We placed photos and flowers on the side tables, rainbow cloud pillows on the couch, and a mini toy and art station on the coffee table. We flashed a slideshow of the celebrant's photos on the screen that looped for the duration of the party. The room had a big wooden desk, which we put on the side for the face painting station where our wonderful partner, Bliss Jam, painted up all the kids wonderfully. We had the dessert table in here because after the magic show that was to be done in the sitting room, we wanted people to flow to the dessert table easily for the candle blowing and cake cutting. We decided to use the lovely view of the marina as the backdrop. We hung clear confetti balloons, white lanterns and puffs on the ceiling, as well as an ombre rainbow tassel garland on the table. Our client had pre-ordered desserts from AMC and added home baked macaroons for the table. We added rainbow meringues and marshmallows in tall glass jars, and an amazing looking birthday cake from Citrus Sweets.

Dining Room

We wanted our centerpieces to match the atmosphere of the room while appealing to the kids. So we decked out rustic white wooden baskets with handpicked flowers carefully arranged in white vases. We put assorted ponies, a photo of the celebrant and a mini rainbow cloud to finish the look. We scattered some colorful confetti around it too. We also placed small mason jars with colored M&M's alternating with hand-tied rainbow flowers on the individual seats.

The buffet table was topped with colored lanterns with tassels, while rainbow tassel garlands span the length of the table. We placed four white vases in the center with flowers of different solid colors and our custom made food tent cards.

We had two back walls in the room. One had Happy Birthday balloons, something that our client had already bought and wanted to use, with a really cute My Little Pony cutout. The opposite was a photo wall where we hung floor-to-ceiling rainbow streamers with honeycomb lanterns on top. Guests can take a photo while waiting in line at the buffet table.


  • Styling, Coordination, Sourcing, Graphic Design, and Printing by Nestology Studio

  • Venue and Catering at Aberdeen Marina Club

  • Cake by Citrus Sweets

  • Entertainment by Bernardo the Magician

  • Face Painting by Bliss Jam

  • Photography by Jianne Soriano

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