My Experience with Nestology

We had the pleasure of working with Bakhita Fung, intern extraordinaire, this summer. This soon-to-be Georgetown University student will undoubtedly go on to do amazing things in her life. We are just so happy to have her and her serious skills onboard even just for a little bit, but she is definitely a part of the Nestology Family forever!

Here is her blog post about her experience working with us and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!


Written by Bakhita Fung

Nestology is a family lifestyle studio that ‘creates moments, emotions, and memories that last a lifetime’. It’s run by Sam Fong, an ex-communications manager at Island School, who I had the privilege of working with in Year 7 and 8. Sam offers event styling, family shoots and graphic design services for people from all walks of life.

I’ve been a fan of Sam’s work for a long time. Not trying to boast or anything, but I’m pretty sure I was there before Nestology hit 200 followers. In all seriousness, I’ve always wanted to know what goes on behind all the picture perfect instagram posts, intricately-decorated parties and candid photos. So, as I waved a highly-anticipated goodbye to my final high school exams, I reached out to Sam in hopes to gain a little bit of insight into Nestology, maybe help her out, but most of all, learn something from this person who is nothing short of Wonder Woman.

Aside from working on a few Instagram posts and blog posts, I had the opportunity today to be part of the setup team for Nicolas Caleb’s One-derland at Maggie and Rose. I had seen all these amazing photos of all Nestology’s previous birthday parties – the customized goodie bags, the intricate decorations, and most eye catching of all… the sweet treats. But I never realised how much effort it really took until I arrived at the party scene.

Before 9am, Sam’s entire family had arrived and were waiting for the party-room doors to be unlocked. I already sensed that it would be an eventful two hours because Sam was really eager to get in by 8.59am. I enter the room – which has already been partly-decorated – in awe of what I see. You’d think that the countless afternoons I’d spent scrolling through Nestology’s Instagram would make me accustomed to seeing nice decorations, sweet locations and cute party favours. Nope. The lighting is soft and welcoming, the room itself is beautiful (there’s a homey and craft-shoppy feel), there’s an amazing backdrop of the arctic and dozens of stuffed polar bears scattered around. But that was just the beginning!

At 9am, our work started. There were balloons to pump, bears to scatter, chairs to move, dessert tables to fill, stickers to stick and clotheslines to decorate. Immediately I regretted not filling up for breakfast an hour earlier.

The behind-the-scenes was chaotic. Occasionally, a balloon would burst. Every single person had something to do: hanging snowflakes, sticking stickers, pumping more balloons, arranging tables, clearing unwanted furniture, feeding Nicky and Amara (Sam’s kids!). There was so much to do in very little time. Yet, being part of an 11-man team who were excited create magic was very empowering. Despite it being my first party, I felt like part of a well-oiled machine; everyone had a common goal and exuded positive energy (I think Sam knows how to pick her team – and we all follow her example!). I learned so much: did you know that balloon garlands are made by poking a needle through the silicon and threading them together? (Before this I didn’t even know what a garland was).

As we neared towards the finish line, I began to realise the bewildering transformation of the party in the two hours. I didn’t even have the time to appreciate everything!

You have to see it to believe it. I think I speak for everyone when I say that Sam doesn’t stop at “amazing” or “wow”. She goes above and beyond… you’ll end up speechless by the time she’s done. She’ll put each party guest’s name on a goodie bag. She’ll design polar bear ears, noses and eyes to stick on each white balloon. She’ll leave polar bear footprints near the entrance to transport you to the arctic. And just when you thought nothing else could be done, head to the desserts table and try not squeal in anticipation.

Samantha Fong